Room: National Ballroom C

Presenting Tuesday through Thursday

Arizona State University
1.         Modulation of Antibody Effector Functions by Plant Glycoengineering for Improving Cancer Therapy; Presented by Deuk-Su K.

2.         Novel Transposase Tools for Cell-Line Development; Presented by Claes G.

3.         Machine Learning for Predictive Antibody Design and Humanization; Presented by Claes G.

GenScript USA, Inc.
4.         Challenges, Strategies and Solutions in Generation of Antibodies Targeting Multiple Transmembrane Proteins; Presented by John F.

GenScript USA, Inc.
5.         SMAB (Single-Domain Antibody Fused to Monoclonal Antibody) Bispecific Antibody: From Rational Design to Preclinical Development; Presented by Sasidhar M.

Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
6.         ST-HuNAL Sanyou Sub-Trillion Human Naive Antibody Library, a Productive Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Platform; Presented by Run Y.

Université de Sherbrooke
7.         A Bispecific Antibody Capable of Targeting HER2 at the Cell Surface and Cyclin E in the Nucleus of Breast Cancer Cells; Presented by Jeffrey L.